Below you can find some frequently asked questions.

🌐 Website Development

What platform do you use to create your websites?

We use WordPress to make our websites. WordPress is the leading website creation tool that is used by 42.8% of the top 10 million websites.

What platform do you use for E-Commerce?

We use WooCommerce, which is an E-Commerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce is one of the most popular E-Commerce platforms.

Do you provide DDOS protection?

Yes, we can add Cloudflare's global CDN network to your website. This is a quick and free process.

Do you provide web hosting?

No, we do not provide webhosting. We recommend using Hostinger for all your web hosting needs as it's highly optimized for WordPress.

How do I get a domain?

You can buy a domain from any domain provider you want. We recommend using NameCheap for a domain.

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