This guide teaches you how to secure your bot effectively, ensuring its safe and reliable operation in Discord.

Following these steps is not guaranteed to prevent your bot from being disabled. However, following these steps and the Discord TOS can minimize the risks.

Follow the Discord TOS!

  • It's crucial to follow the Discord's Terms of Service (TOS). Avoid spamming users with direct messages or overusing other bot features, as these actions can trigger rate limits on your bot's functionality. Stay within the guidelines to ensure your bot operates seamlessly on Discord.

Keep your bot token secure!

  • Always treat your bot token like a confidential password. Never share it with anyone. Avoid storing copies of your bot token in Discord channels or direct messages. Remember, you can generate a new token if necessary to enhance security.

Use an ALT account!

  • To keep things safe, make a new Discord account (Preferably on a VPN) with few or no servers. This lowers the chances of your bot getting disabled / compromised. Create your bot on this new account, then add your main account and trusted staff as bot team members for better management.

Add the bot to an application team!

  • By adding your bot to an application team, you can lower your chance of loosing access to your bot. Add your main account and trusted staff as bot team members for better management. (This does require Discord 2FA) Teams

Use an appropriate bot name!

  • Select a name that suits your bot's purpose and follows Discord's rules. Discord's Terms of Service (TOS) prohibit impersonating other bots, so picking an appropriate name is essential to minimize account risks.

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