Below you can find how to setup Discord's Application Team.

What is this?

Using Teams in Discord allows you and other users to share access to bots without having to share login information. This means that you can give full access to your bot to any other Discord account. Teams also enable your team members to make changes to your bot's name, avatar, token, and client secret. Additionally, team members can access exclusive 'Bot Owner Only' commands, like /backup restore-members and /bot leaveserver.

How Do I Set It Up?

You will need 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled on your Discord account to create a team.

  1. Go to: Team creation.

  2. Click 'New Team' and give your team a name.

  1. Add users to your team, you can simply use their Discord tag.

  2. Make sure that the invited users accept the invitation. They will receive an email about it from Discord.

  1. Connect your existing Discord bot to your team by going to the Discord Developer portal https://discord.com/developers/applications

  2. Select your bot and press the 'Transfer App to Team' button, then select the team that you just created and you are done.

Success! You have now successfully set up your Application Team!

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